Important information: ITU List V

June 30, 2017

ITU have informed us that an administrative error has led to information regarding a large number of vessels from one flag ship state not being included in their newly released List V: List of Ship Stations 2017.

To rectify this error as quickly as possible, and to ensure that all ships worldwide contain the most updated and correct information, remedial action is now being taken by the ITU.

ITU will produce replacement corrected CDs. As soon as we have received replacements we will resupply these to all impacted vessels. ITU advise that this process will happen during August 2017.

To minimise inconvenience, we are pleased to confirm that ITU will not require vessels to return the CD case. Instead, once received on board, the corrected CD should be inserted in the original CD case and  the original CD should then be discarded.   

In the meantime, ITU has also posted the complete pdf file of the 13,000 pages of List V 2017, which include the missing Vessels in question, for free download on the ITU Mars website We are also waiting to hear whether they will permit us to replicate a new CD ourselves using this PDF to speed up the replacement process.
Please note that ITU is informing Merchant Navy Inspectors of the replacement of the CDs so that it can be taken into account in ship controls.