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How many ENC orders are you processing each week?
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The average tramper pays for 30% more ENCs than they end up using
You can save this number of wasted orders per year:

Good for your Fleet

Voyager Open Permit vessels can open, view and plan routes using as many ENCs as they like.

Good for your Spreadsheet

You only ever pay for an ENC if a vessel sails through it, so there’s no risk of vessel’s over-ordering ENCs they don’t need.

On average, processing orders can sap 12 minutes of your time per transaction
You can save this number of hours per year:

Good for your Fleet

There are no phone calls to make, no emails to send and no orders to approve. Just always on access to worldwide ENCs for safe planning and passage 24/7.

Good for your Spreadsheet

Voyager Open Permit is the only Pay as you Sail service that gives you the option to fix your ENC costs with an accurate annual price tailored to your fleet.

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