Very efficient navigation management

VOYAGER 7, Designed by our team of qualified mariners to make route planning, managing navigational information and compliance easier and more efficient

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More about Voyager

VOYAGER is an onboard navigation software solution. It improves navigational efficiency by providing faster access to the navigational information vessels need and enabling them manage it more effectively. And it also detects potential navigation compliance issues and downloads chart and publication updates directly to vessels to help protect against observations and deficiencies.

Reliable, resilient and easy to deploy, install and use VOYAGER is a very efficient solution for managing navigational data and compliance onboard.

VOYAGER works with other market leading software like Meteo Group SPOS, Applied Weather Technologies Bon Voyage weather routing and A2BviaC distance tables to enable improved route planning and fuel efficiency. And its fully compatible with all major ECDIS.

VOYAGER is designed, developed and supported by experienced mariners for mariners. It is completely modular and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual shipping companies. You choose how you use VOYAGER to navigate your way.

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Further information

Download the VOYAGER brochure now to find out more and get the detailed technical specification and Recommended System Requirements. Download brochure.

Minimise navigation related observations and detentions

And manage port state inspections with more confidence and ease.

Manage navigational data more efficiently

Reduce the opportunity for operator error and minimise time spent on repetitive, low value tasks.

Optimise routes for weather and other fuel-saving factors

Use with other market-leading software like SPOS, Bon Voyage and A2BviaC to enable improved route planning and fuel efficiency.

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